Emily Blunt in a DIE HARD Reboot

I want to see a movie guaranteed to anger men’s rights activists. What would accomplish that better than this?

It’s Christmas Eve. Actress EMILY BLUNT has arrived in Los Angeles to meet her husband JOHN KRASINSKI at a Christmas party with Hollywood execs. They are celebrating her casting in a controversial reboot of DIE HARD.

As she is being driven to Fox Plaza, her limo driver informs her that MRAs are extremely upset about the movie. Even as he delivers this exposition, a group of nerd fanboys are seizing control of the building. Their leader (played by Martin Starr?) states that his goal is to steal the script and stop production.

Emily Blunt is hiding in an office and hears of the scheme. But her husband is being held hostage by the terrorists. (Running gag: Krasinski tries to convince everyone she’s his wife but they don’t believe him.) She must save him and the production crew.

For an hour-plus, we get to see Emily Blunt dispatching nerds without mercy, as they post updates to Periscope and YouTube. Her only ally is GHOSTBUSTERS director PAUL FEIG, who stays in contact with her, even as he is being handed notes by clueless studio heads.

Note: there’s no reason the pitch line can’t also be the title.

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