About your concern.

You know what? I’m sick of people asking me if i were okay.

I am not okay. Well, but i will, eventually. I know you concern of me but, the more you ask the more i remember how broken i am right now. And for God’s sake, it’s hurt you can’t imagine.

Also, you guys who asked me were the ones who came from the same circle with me and him. You remind me of him. You make me miss him even more. And i can’t do anything about that. You want to know? That’s pretty damn hard to meet you guys right now. Even tough i know you are care to me, but i prefer to hang out with people who don’t know him at all. So i won’t remember anything. It’s easier to pretend that I’m fine than explain it again how suck my heart being heart right now.

I just want to breathe. Because this is hard. Let alone i have to show that I’m fine when I’m the most certainly not.

So please give me some time alone. Let me grieve with people who don’t have any idea how dying i am inside.

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