Another lone ranger.

Basically, I'm a lone ranger.
I wander alone. I go sightseeing alone.
I drive alonr around the town, do my own errands.
I eat alone, drink my own coffee at cafe.
Keep my own mind private, mind my own business.
I learn to depend on no one but myself because everyone eventually will leave. 
I believe in the end we are all alone. In this world or after.
It doesn't mean i don't socialize, oh i have a lot of friends. I just, if i can prefer, i go in to a battle alone.
People are exhausting, i can't even barely stand their minimum presence most of the time. 
Friends come and go, i stand alone.

So when i meet another lone ranger, I'll recognize it.
It's like meeting an old familiar soul.
It's like having the same vibe. You know, you just know they carry the same sadness, they weight the same lift on their shoulder.

And when i met you, from the first second i know. The moment i know, the minute i realize.
That two lone ranger can go as a pack.
That my soul have met you before.
That kind of knowledge you can’t explain why, you just know.

So i see you. And so i like what i see.

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