What i wish was enough, would be enough, I’m sure it’s enough I’m just an ungrateful bitch.

He makes me happy, but he doesn’t make me write.

It simply means he doesn’t hurt me, or caused me some pain.

Trust me, hurt, pain, broken heart, and sadness give you more idea than happiness.

I really hope that’s enough. Because somehow i endure enough pain and pain killer for the rest of my life, dear heart. Don’t you think?

It will be sound so ridiculous yet ungrateful if i say I not…… satisfied.

Well Ridha, not everything you want you get, world is not a big grant wish factory.

And i really don’t want take things for granted. I know that feeling when you’ve wasted when you give all your best. And i don’t want give him that.

It’s just, i can’t stop…….. comparing.

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