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The most popular precious metal in the world is gold. No one can remain indifferent to its yellow shine. The thirst for gold makes people commit insane acts, indulge in adventures. This metal is like sunlight, without which life on the planet is impossible. It also warms our hearts and keeps the fire of desires related to the acquisition of new jewelery. Since ancient times, people consider gold to be a multi-functional currency, universal and equivalent in every state of the world. Since the national currency of a single federation did not always have value in another, gold began to be used for inter-national and private trade, which has a weight everywhere. The minting of coins from it for a long period was a way out of the current situation, but it was time for bills that replaced money from precious metals. In order for printed payment instruments to have an actual value, an equivalent replacement, the politicians decided to form savings equal to the amount of money in the state’s turnover. National resources began to be created from gold bars, guaranteeing economic stability.

Company Karatcoin set a goal to build a platform for trading in gold certificates (decentralized application for the purchase and sale of gold), to create an innovative organization that is a perfect mix of centralized and decentralized worlds. This is a multi-purpose project designed to become a major player in the market that will support constant and evolutionary growth. And, ultimately, Karatcoin aims to integrate all refineries, gold companies and business assets into a single ecosystem that will make the business truly efficient, transparent and reliable.

If you follow either the precious metal markets or the cryptocurrency markets, then I’m sure you’ve seen the bitter fights and feuds being waged between “Goldbugs” and “Cryptoheads.” As global financial and currency markets continue to deteriorate and become unstable, both camps are locked into the classic either/or logical fallacy where either precious metals or cryptos will emerge as the dominant international currency and store of wealth that investors will utilize to protect themselves.

In the eyes of the Goldbugs, cryptocurrencies represent “Tulip Mania” and will never be able to surpass gold and silver as either an international currency or an anti-inflationary store of value. While in the eyes of the crypto enthusiasts, gold represents a “barbarous relic” that could never match cryptos speed and liquidity as an international currency.

Both parties are “missing the forest from the trees” in regards to how international currencies will actually develop in the 21st century, especially as the Euro continues to falter, the American dollar is increasingly threatened as the world’s Global Reserve Currency, not to mention developing countries such as Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, and Iran are all suffering currency crises that could tank their economies.

Investors that realize that a currency that draws upon the strengths of both precious metals and cryptocurrencies will be the ones whose wealth will not only be preserved, but as a strategic investment, the ROI produced from a gold-backed cryptocurrency will be stratospheric as Goldbugs and Cryptoheads (along with hundreds of millions of panicked investors who naively ignored both precious metals and cryptos) collectively flock to currencies such as Karatcoin in order to protect and preserve their wealth.

Precious metal-backed cryptocurrencies are common sense, yet in regards to investing opportunities, common sense hasn’t become so common yet. Karatcoin synthesizes the speed, liquidity, transparency, and portability of cryptocurrencies with the trust, stability, and store of value that gold has wielded over the global economy for thousands of years.

Karatcoin Trust Protector:

The Trust Protector is not a Trustee, but a person who has some control over how a Trustee exercises his powers. The Trust Protector is an individual, committee, or corporate entity appointed to represent the interests of the Settlor in the administration and management of the Trust. The original Trust Protector is generally selected by the Settlor and appointed pursuant to the terms of the Trust Deed or a specific Deed of Appointment. A Settlor will typically appoint a trusted professional advisor, relative, or friend.

The Karatcoin Trust Protector will be an institutional entity that will enter the Presale and support the Karatcoin Project to guarantee sustainability and continued profitability. This subject must have a very high and unquestioned professional reputation, with a proven ability in both asset management as well as the ability to attract large investors in order to grow the Karatcoin Project.


The user sets aside a certain amount of gold each month.
  • The fixed sum then buys gold every trading day in that month.
  • The established monthly sums can be small, and purchases are not subject to the premium usually charged on small bars or coins.
  • Exposure to short term variations in price is contained because small amounts of gold are bought over a long period of time.
  • Comparable to mutual funds, a Gold Accumulation Plans is a formal arrangement in which an investor contributes a specified amount of money to the fund on a periodic basis.
  • An accumulation plan can be useful for investors who wish to build their positions in a mutual fund over time.

In addition, as a measure against inflation, customers will be protected by certificates that have both a fixed maturity and semi-annual coupons paid in KCG. Karatcoin products will be available on the market developed inside the blockchain. He will be the first to have a full DPoS consensus product portfolio that will provide a triple advantage in verification speed, security and rewards for cryptocurrency holders.

To promote the project, the company is conducting an ICO — the calculated unit of the project — the token KCD — a coin of the ERC20 standard on the ethereum platform. Become a member of the project

Hardcap — $ 24,000,000
Softcap — $ 3,000,000
Price per unit of token 1 KCD — 0.1 USD
participation — 3 KCD
Total released — 250 million KCD

Project roadmap:

SEPTEMBER 2017 — the beginning of the development of the Karatcoin platform.

JANUARY 2018 — research and development

MARCH 2018 — white paper

MARCH 2018 — creating a business plan

JULY 2018 — presale with 30% bonus

AUGUST 2018 — demonstration dApp

SEPTEMBER 2018 — ICO, bonus with 16%

SEPTEMBER 2018 — blockchain development

OCTOBER 2018–1 ° collected funds for the allocation of physical gold

NOVEMBER 2018 — selection of requests for mines

MARCH 2019 — Karatcoin — full production

Do not be suckered into the false debate currently being waged between precious metal enthusiasts and cryptocurrency advocates. Instead, recognize how brilliantly each of these assets complement and strengthen one another. Gold gives cryptos an anchored stability and store of value grounded upon thousands of years of global use, while cryptos provide gold with the speed, liquidity, and technological innovation needed to finally liberate it from a global economy dominated by faltering fiat currencies.

Above all, we encourage our investors to recognize that the global currency market is about to go through both a revolution and a renaissance, and coins such as Karatcoin will naturally become both a market leader and industry standard because we source our gold directly from our goldmines.

Whitepaper project: https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/karatcoin.co/files/docs/KC_WP.pdf
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