Neogame ICO in a Nutshell

This specific project seeks to modify gambling principles throughout typically the industry. The gambling enterprise has always been depending on “house edge” — the essential that the casino or perhaps organizer still has the advantage usually.

With the creation of blockchain technology, there will be no longer any want for organizers — individuals can gamble without intermediaries and claim their profits without paying commission.

By launching Neogame, we usually are kick-starting this process of transformation and therefore are confident that over time, almost all of typically the global gambling industry will undoubtedly adopt the non-profit type. The Neogame project holds in contrast to conventional lotteries, and we want to show the world just how blockchain can become a new game changer.

Traditional lotteries have a structural organization. The lottery web host sells
tickets and allocates around half of the particular earnings to the award pool, and the second 50 percent see the host. This quantity may be more or less than a half, and you could be sure that a standard lottery is a dangerous expectation game.

Neogame, about the other hand, is an entirely different game. This specific project the definite draw non-profit and independent, capable of continuous procedure and attaining packed limpidity via Ethereum blockchain.

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The idea of the new Neogame project is to create a lottery that does not have an organizer, and is not a business unit at all. Neogame will be governed solely by a lottery smart contract, which autonomously executes the game algorythm. The smart-contract holds funds, gets random numbers and distributes prizes in an absolutely clear linear manner. This way Neogame eliminates hosts, intermediaries and any business people from the game. There are only players playing with each other and the lottery smart contract that makes the no-commission game possible.

Token growth drivers:

The token sale will offer a rate of 2,000 tokens per ETH, which will equal approximately 10 cents per token at the date of Whitepaper publication. This is the initial price for a lottery ticket, and will be subject to changes in response to supply and demand. Further changes in TKT value will be effected by drivers, which can be divided into 4 types:

  • non-recurrent;

• cyclical;

• random;

• permanent.

The drivers provided for in the general logic of the project and development plan are described below.



Q2 2018



Q3 2018

Smart contract.


Q4 2018

DApp release.
Ad campaign.


Q1 2019

TKT Buyback.

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