Life in 2050

The future scares a lot of people . Climate change , growing population , and fewer natural resources will certainly pose new challenges for the human rabjmd in the upcoming new few decades only .But when we consider ongoing social and economic resources and all of the coming innovations in science and technology , there plenty of room for optimism .
I have pulled out some of my favorite ideas about the future of our world . The communication system would be present or just a glass sheet or something more advanced from that also . There will be no more communication towers present . A majority of people believe that advanced scientific developement is certain .
I believe that space travel will be commonplace for average . Extinct animal will be back to life . Intelligent Robots will replicate the emotions of humans . As well as being useful around the house , they will be able to take part in intellectual debate and be brought into the homes of the elderly and lovely to offer comfort and companionship .
Robots will be doing the washing up and advancements in nanotechnology mean we will be able to plug our brains into computers and live in a stimulated world . Machines could start thinking like humans . Our favorite and useful earphones will be as old . Instead of this ear inserts or adopted jewellery will bring us our music and information . There may even be the chance of earchips and bringing our own favorite track in the mosts directs ways possible .
Holidays will be transformed . Space tourism is likely to be a reality and developements in virtual reality will enable us to take a short break from the comfort of our home . The difference between entertainment and reality will blur . If we put on a special suit and goggles and it will be transported virtually to our favorite concert or show . Or , if it is transported directly to our home without visiting or travelling anywhere . I think entertainment will feel more like its in the real world and less like something we sit and consume through a screen . We will walk into the action , or part of any theatre or a film and create simultaneously . We may one day be able to have our favorite band come and perform in our home for our special occassions .
In 2050 , there are no more wires used in communication . No phone lines , no cables . Everyone has a satellite transmitter in their homes that can be used to transmit live video/audio feeds to anywhere in the world . This also means that we will be no more independant on Internet . And the people who will buy smartphones that time will called old fashioned . All banking , shopping and personal business can now be done in the comfort and privacy of our own home . This is probably the single most amazing thing about that time . There will be many incredible progress in almost all spheres of life . The vistas of knowledge and advancement have grown beyond human imagination . The advancement through superiour technology make make the human life undergo unthinkable changes . 3D printers will be common in every household . Most of the day to day simple objects we might need will be simply printed at home . The printer will be filled up with different compounds , similar to ink , which will allow it to create in just a few minutes the objects we requested . As for the blueprint of the object , a common objects will be made available and more unique items blueprints will be available for purchase online . We can also record our dreams and then we can review and quickly analyze it .
It is quite likely that in another five decades the world is going to be a changed place .