GSOC 2018 OpenMRS — week 5

This week ends with a lot of happiness. Because i have passed the first evaluation. And I am really grateful towards my mentor for the positive feedback given by him and thankful for all the support and guidance he have given me to complete my tasks.

So in this week also i have done several tasks in the Attachment API

  1. Added new parameter called “includeIsolated” to getAttachments method in Attachment API which will help to decide isolated Attachments (which are not associated with any encounter or visit ) need to be added to the fetching attachments or not.
  2. Created several unit test cases for fetching attachments with isolated attachments , without isolated attachments based on the “includeIsolated” parameter.Also add new test case for check accuracy of the “includeIsolated” parameter.

And i was little bit stuck with a run time error which was occurred when creating the complex Obs inside the unit tests.But my mentor helped me to solve that error by adding some modifications to the code base by himself.And he inserted an API exception ( type of exception used in OpenMRS ) for handling the return of non -complex obs from the Attachment API. ( which can be occurred because of a misconfiguration)

3. So i created the unit test for verify that an API exception is thrown when the module is misconfigured.

So these are my activities done in the 5th week and i sent those modifications for review.So from the first month of GSOC program, i have learned a lot of new things and i am looking forward to learn more knowledge with putting my full effort to assigned tasks.

Software engineer at 99x Technology

Software engineer at 99x Technology