GSOC 2018 OpenMRS — week 6

Ridmal Madushanka
Jun 24, 2018 · 1 min read

So in this week i was able to finish the Java API which was a main part of the ATT-24 issue in attachment module and it is merged to master branch of attachment module by my mentor. Mainly in this week i resolved some errors occurred in the unit tests of Attachment API.

There was a major error which was occurred because of the mismatch between actual attachments and expected attachments in the some unit tests.Both two list got same attachments but they are not in correct order. So first i had to found the methods which was occurred that error and tried several approaches to solve the error. But after discussion with my mentor we decided to sort the expected attachments ( which were fetching from the Attachment API) in every test methods Based on the date time parameter.Also there were minor modifications in the Attachment API to complete before finalize the API and i was able to finish those modifications in this week.

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