Networks and the Nature of the Firm
Tim O'Reilly

This certainly explains the ongoing Republican attempts to ‘break’- or bankrupt- the USPS, in order to see its services privatized. They HAVE a service network in place that works… and could work even Better, if the rural P.O.s were allowed to offer small savings bank services… as is done in many other countries. In addition, they still provide advertisers with cut-rate services (catalog delivery, etc) which are critical in our country, where some rural communities aren’t “valuable” enough yet to be offered internet services beyond fairly primitive offerings (and, actually, countries like Korea, Japan, etc are way ahead of ‘us’ in providing speedy internet service, beyond that offered by cable & phone companies).
If government isn’t “allowed” to provide infrastructure repair and development SOON, our country will be driven even farther into the current dichotomy of wealth. High speed rail with its own dedicated power system (primarily wind) across the center of the country would add valuable electric interties and also, if PASSENGER rail were pushed to the 150–200mph speeds available elsewhere, would reduce CO2 from travel, force the airlines to “rethink” their services, and make travel cheaper. No PRIVATE SECTOR is going to go there… period. ^..^

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