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My husband Adam Gries and I have been enjoying end of year annual reviews since we were dating back in 2014, and we often joke about how it’s as serious as board meetings. Each year we find a new venue outside of Manhattan to stay over night so we can recharge in the nature with some wine and dancing, and stay focused for as long as 30 hours to discuss each others’ goals and purpose in life.

We review the variance between our goals and actuals, and ask ourselves whether we lived up to our purpose in life, as well as how much we were able to support each other’s goals. …

Jie and I are so honored to be featured on the cover of Forbes Japan’s September issue that was released this week. The cover story was titled “Top 55 Japanese Women who are fighting in the world with their mission” (excuse the literal translation!), introducing Japanese women who are making a difference by building an international career and breaking new grounds in fields of business, social enterprise, government, science and entertainment.

Our cover photo was taken with a strong orange background evoking fire/passion, and as we followed the talented photographer’s direction, somehow we ended up power posing without realizing it, with our chins up high and eyes glaring down into the camera. …

5 years ago this month, my friend and co-founder Jie and I were brainstorming how to refresh and connect closets online in ways that can involve and evolve the industry that we worked in. At the time, Jie worked at J.Crew and I was at Coach. While we admire quality fashion and have always used fashion as a form of our own self expression and voice, we questioned the ways of the industry we worked in. The fashion industry continues to push newness, but never got involved in what happens to those pieces of quality fashions once they are purchased. To be frank, we also questioned the industry’s exclusiveness and closed approach, since having been raised in multiple cultures around the world, both of us value openness, diversity and individuality. …

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