Eco Friendly Cryptocurrency ICO’s

With our ever growing population and limited resources, environmentally friendly cryptocurrency projects are becoming increasingly more important in order to help sustain and protect our fragile planet.

As time goes by and with the rapid expansion and increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies and ICO’s, along with the understanding of the amount of energy it takes to support this growing industry, we are much more aware than ever of the importance of finding eco-friendly, sustainable cryptocurrencies, that can help with working towards solving this global issue.

Of particular concern is the knowledge that the Bitcoin network can consume the same amount of energy in one day as a medium sized country. Vitalik Buterin the founder of Etherium is often heard voicing his concerns regarding the climatic impact of this cryptocurrency.

With all of this in mind I wanted to find out and explore what current ICO’s you might wish to invest in which are trying to solve this issue, here are some that really stood out to me:

Hydrominer — This Company uses green energy from hydropower and as such takes energy directly from the water. The stations are located in the alps where the air temperature is cool. The other benefit here is that the water can also be used to cool down the mining equipment, reducing the need for even more energy consumption thus resulting in a positive energy cycle. As the team expands they hope to establish more mining stations.

4NEW — This ICO works on the premise of converting waste to energy via the process of Gasification. With 2 initial sites in Driffield and Sheffield, this also helps to solves the UK’s problem of running out of landfill sites as they will be using the waste directly from these sites in order to produce energy. In addition the token holders will also be given the option to stake their coins and choose if they would like them to be used for mining cryptocurriences or to sell the kwatt back to the grid, resulting in the generation of income from simply holding the coins.

Envion — Essentially this Swiss start up Company are building miners into portable shipping containers, meaning that if energy prices in a certain area were to increase, the miners can easily be shipped to another more cost effective location. Considering this, the scaling potential for this ICO is huge and as the containers can be set up in both solar and wind parks they offer an exceptionally green solution all round.

Here are the links to these ICO’s should you wish to find out more;

If you enjoyed this article, or know of any more eco-friendly ICO’s, please feel free to comment below, thanks :-)