2-mins Sketch hack: Override text color in symbols

This is a sketch hack of how you can override text colors by using symbols.

It is actually a frustration for designers if they have to do things manually especially when dealing with states (hover, pressed/active, disabled etc). You are responsible to design one by one the different states of an element (e.g hovered by a mouse or pressed). But thanks to symbols of Sketch, one of its best feature, for it has made our design life easier. It is the one source of truth where you can simply override its elements without copy pasting, and doing things manually.

But as I went on with symbols, I stumbled upon making its text layers dynamic — where I can change the colors without copy pasting the element, then change it manually via color picker. And so, I found out about Screen blending mode that helped me override my text layers’s color.

*below is how the navigation should look like (active state)

Home active state
Trending active state
Latest active state
Following active state

Doing the trick is easy, here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Make your text color to black (#000)
  2. Insert your color symbol on top of the text layer(it must cover the whole text)
  3. Change your color symbol blending mode to Screen
  4. Go back to your sketch design and override!

See the video below for the step-by-step process

Steps 1–3

In this way, you can make your text editable without the hassle. Hope this helps and give it an applause if you liked it!

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