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I go to Google Image for ‘Video Game’ but got this bunch of Gamepad, lol.

Video games have always been around our life. I think it was since my elementary school I know about video games, until now. It is still the same ‘video game’ but do you know what change so much? Yes, the game graphics. Right now I’m gonna tell you guys about my experience with changing video games graphic.

>Elementary School
Actually, I can’t really remember whether I already know about video games before elementary or not, so I just going to start on this phase. At this time the game is much more simpler so does the graphics. The phone game show in monochrome color like this good ol’ “Snake”.

The game quickly change and theres more color and pixel. At this time I start to know Mario Bros. and also later have a Playstation console. There is some favorite game but there only 2 games I still remember and kinda to play again now and that is ‘Pepsiman’ and ‘Hydro Thunder’.

Speedboat racing game and PepsiMan run away from PepsiCan.

And now I’m also remember Harvest Moon but I just too lazy to edit the earlier text, so lets just continue.


After that there is also console called Gameboy. I dont have the console so I use visual boy emulator and play some pokemon game. And yea only pokemon game.

Pokemon Red
Pokemon Fire Red
Pokemon Ruby

From 3 pics above you can see the graphic differences of 3 generation pokemon even though they all could be played on same console.

And then it’s time to change Playstation console into Playstation2. In this new console I played some racing game like need for speed, rpg like Mana Khemia and Ar Tonelico, and Monster Hunter. In this console we gonna find the game that deemed as masterpiece and all time favorite, and that is ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’!

GTA San Andreas

You can see the graphics improvement from Playstation1 to Playstation2.

After that there is also PC Game. You played it using computer that usually used to create doc or calculating something or in general for works at this time. Also at this time you won’t ever think that they’ll build PC that have sole purpose of gaming, so you can get your setting on ‘Ultra High’ with 60fps 4k, in the future. This doesn’t mean you can’t use word or excel or browsing like how normal PC, but if you only do these work with that kind of ‘Mighty Gaming PC’ it would be overkill.
Back to the topic, at this time I played some fast game/casual(?) like GameHouse’s game. They release a lot of interesting game back at the time. My personal favorite is Insaniquarium and Feeding Frenzy.

Feeding Frenzy

And then comes the internet. I come to my parent’s workplace and go to computer to play all-sort of mini webgames. the page that I usually go to is I play random game there and once I learn how to register, I start to play club penguin.

it’s sad that club penguin server have been shut down right now.

I also learn about Adventure Quest at this time.

don’t mind that weird-ass costume.

You can say that this time is when I finally touched the realm of MMO-Gamer. I started to go to small netcafe that kinda rare at that time. The first game I played there is O2Jam. it is a rhythm game where you mash up your keyboard as if you’re playing piano.

Look at all those character wearing guitar, drum and mic even though you supposed to play piano/keyboard in this game.

After that I played Gunbound. This is the first mmo I played that we fight against other people or you can said as PvP(player versus player). In this game we shoot each other using all kind of mobile(tank?) by calculating angle and power and wind and item and mobile type and whatever it is. Do you think my young self can play this thing? I only aim on straight line and fully raise the power!

plot twist: I still can’t play this game well.

After, a friend of mine introduced me to Ragnarok online. an MMO RPG game which you create class and levelling by killing other monster.


I actually hadn’t try this until later. Why? because at that time you need to pay for game time to play this. Do you expect me to pay for net cafe and also game time with so-little-pocket-money I had?

Now it’s Getamped. an MMO fighting game where you fight other player for 3 round in an arena. This is the longest MMO-Game I’ve been played. If only LYTO give option to migrate ID when they close the service to this game I might played this much longer. Now even the cyberstep server is dead too.

can’t find good image.

And the last one on this phase, Seal Online. This game really similar on how the way we play with ragnarok. The difference is that this game is in 3D. I still occasionally play this game especially when there’s new update.

cute girl bringing Great Sword killing cute monster, because why not?

>Middle School
there’s actually quite a lot of games that skipped on last part because I just remember it while writing so I just let it be. Well, the fact that I doesn’t really remember it, maybe mean its just not that good for me personally.
Now on my middle school days can be summed into this one pic.

clap to rate my meme.

Breaking news:
By the time I made this, I found out that
Seal Online Indo server finally closed their service. R.I.P

Back to the topic. On this phase I rarely play PS or any other console aside PC. And the noted mmo I played during this phase is Crossfire(FPS game), Rising Force Online(MMORPG), and *uhuk*Point Blank*uhuk*.

RF Online(Accretia master race)
Point Blank *duh*why I bother playing this game?*duh*.

>High School and Beyond~
Yay~ high school~ I messed up quite a lot here. I tried like a lot of mmo and just abandoned them within short time. But it still doesn’t change the fact that I played the most in this phase. I played Grand Chase, SD Gundam Online(I actually not sure whether I play these 2 on this time or middle school), elsword, DOTA2, CSGO, A.V.A, Dungeon Striker, Heroes of the Obelisk, Luna Online, Ragnarok, Ragnarok2, Dragon Nest, elsword, Mobile Suit Gundam Online, Maple story, a-game-that-looks-like-maple-story-but-not-maple-story, Warframe, Warface, Blade and Soul, Legend of edda, Seal Online, Aura Kingdom, Phantasy Star Online 2, Onigiri(Please be advised that this is a game, not food. Not a game about food either.),Cosmic Break,Cosmic Break 2, Getamped 2, Battlefield 3, Duelyst, osu!, Tera Online, etc.

Does someone even read all of this?

grand chase
Elsword(Rena best chara)
A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms)
Dungeon Striker. I still salty ’cause they won’t release this to SEA or NA(I tried this on china server, I can’t read chinese). Seems it will be dead soon.
Tera Online. The graphic is so good that I can’t go in to the city ’cause there’s lot of people and the game will crash in no time.

You can see how much graphic change for all these video games in years. From something with only monchrome color into this goddamn colorful graphic game. This is how I experience change of computer graphics in video games. Wait it’s not ending yet.

>Black Desert Online
Because BDO deserve it’s own section. Why? Black Desert is just that good. You can fish, farm, gather, lumber, and then rent houses for processing or as warehouse. You can swim in sea, or making boat and sail to islands. even in recent update you can dive and gather something on bottom of sea. Even for the grind is not that hard, unless you aim for level cap which no one still dont know which is the end cap. You can level decently until 50 and then little slow until 56. And that’s all you need to taste job awakening. The map is so big so you need a horse to safe your travelling time(recent patch give something like teleport scroll but it’s kinda rare and expensive it seem). And what’s more the graphic is gorgeous.

Black Desert Online
Me do some random thing
My valk chara, low setting

This is the end of my experience on graphic changes. The graphics change will keep going and we will see how the improvement again after we see back to the graphics in the past. I hope I could somehow get better laptop or pc so I could play BDO again. Thanks for reading.

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