A is for Appreciation

A to Z Challenge April 2022

My theme of 2022- Love and Kindness

I will be sharing with you my writings on different topics on this beautiful theme. In Hoa POV. Hope all of you will read it and make Hoa as our life model and Appreciate her .


Hello lovelies, I am Hoa, a li’l flower living near an Awesome vast orchard.

I have a short life but I am living it Amazingly as an Alluring flower.

I love to spread love even if I know I am living only a day, I always wanted to spread my fragrance and awe-inspiring aura to everyone around me who deserves to be appreciated

Appreciation is each and everyone’s need, Even for the littlest thing they did for you deserves it, we are not aware of the biggest effect it is gonna be made in them.

Today I appreciated ,

  • My plant who is the reason I am blooming here.
  • The roots who is holder of my little life.
  • The soil which helps us to stand here.
  • Little flowers around me who is smiling brighter despite the shadows in their life.
  • The sun for teaching me smile and shine.
  • The breeze just flew and told me the stories if the world which I never seen.
  • The bees and butterflies came to gave me company.
  • And everyone who walked beside me and admired me.

I am elated to be alive here, in this big world as a little flowers. To be felt the sweetness of Kindness and Love. And to be adorned with little token of appreciation and gratitude.

Smiling through my beautiful petals cost nothing, but I know it may have worth manything to them, to everyone around me. And that’s what I want

That’s my achievement if this life. So that’s my message for you guys, Appreciate even for the littlest that that made you feel a little better.

Thank you !!

Rifa CM

I appreciate your time and dedication in reading this




Teen Writer,Artist,Reader and Learner. From India.

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Rifa CM

Rifa CM

Teen Writer,Artist,Reader and Learner. From India.

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