It’s Over

When you read that last message, it hits you. Two years, four years no matter how much time you were with him it’s reduced to nothing. Saying ‘fuck off’ is so easy. He’ll tell it to you, repeatedly. And guess what? After a while, you won’t even feel anything. You’ve become so used to it that it hardly affects you anymore. You’ll still cry, but you’ll get over it sooner. Of course you’ll cry, you’re only human.

He’ll come to you. He won’t stop coming back to you. He’ll say sorry, you’ll be strong and tell him no. It’ll hurt his ego and he’ll say fuck off again. But that will never stop him. He is his own priority. He won’t be empathetic towards you no matter how much you make him realize.

It’s time to stop. Be selfish. Trust your instincts; they were right when you didn’t like him the first time you met. They’re the reason you kept worrying and started moving towards the edge. Stop now. You gave it all you got but the time has come and you need to get out. He isn’t a bad person, he is just not meant for you. So accept that, it’s over.

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