Personal Major Goals for 2016

As I mentioned yesterday on my twitter account I have a list of personal goals for 2016 that I’m planing to achieve. But from my perspective it wasn’t enough to mentioned them in twitter. Because in this case I probably will miss them at all and on the year end will not find them in touthands of other twits in my account.

So I’ve decided to put them in my blog and go in detail in some of the plans

But a little disclaimer before we will start:

“I do not want to putt all goals or personal achievements that I’m planing to do in 2016 because list will be pretty big. It will contain only really major thing that I want to make in 2016”

So the list of plans will contain the next:

Make a documentary movie

It was a long time when I shoot something last time and I really never shoot the video. My personal passion was street photography that I’ve abandoned for 2 years maybe.

Only thing that I’m using now is Instagram but it’s not anough poferfull to show what I want to show to the public.

I have some ideas that I will try to make in 2016 and make one or two video for 10–15 min each. It will be about people passion in two different areas of life — like photography and game development.

But will look how it will go.

Make a game prototype

Each year I’m trying to make some prototypes, take parts in game jams like LD and other. But in 2015 all my beggining on this side failed.

Because of lack of time or ideas. In compare to 2014 when i make 5–6 prototype and one like “Isles of Umbra” still leaves in our hearts, it was year of real fail.

So I whant to change it in 2016 and make one new prototype. Yesterday on twitter I’ve spoke about two, but I should be realistic and try to make one solid prototype in 2016

And to make some that will move me on this i will post each week in this blog how I’m doing with this.

Will start with this from tomorrow.

To be more oppened person with other people

As I mentioned in twitter the 2015 was year when I really contact other people on low level. I was really concentrated on my job and building the new studion and do not have time for other people in my life.

In general I’m really closed person and it’s a big chalange to build social relations.

So it will be the biggest challenge that i have in my entire live to communicate and build strong social relations with my good buddies and be more open to new people that i will meet in 2016

Sports achievement

In 2015 I loose half of the year and do not ahve any training for this time. But on other hand i start running on the morning and run over 120km over 2015 summer. In compare to previous years it was great achievement but not enough for me.

So there I have some statement that i want to make in 2016:

  1. Stop using sugar — it’s really big problem to stop using candys and other nice things that not good for my body. It will be really hard;
  2. Start running more — nothing to tell there, make more runs;
  3. Make more traning — I have 3 trainings over the week but i need to have one more, maybe swimming will be good there;
  4. Start preparing for the marathon — it’s hard, really hard. ANd first of all it’s hard to motivate myself to start to prepare for it, but i will try.

To build something

For long time with my wife we have ideas to build space for people to communicate and have fun.

Probably 2016 is the time to thing about this more global and start at last to do something

So it’s probably all major things that i want to keep in this post, and will see what will happens from this list to the year end.

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