(The program has not been publicly rolled out yet. Only DGM-2271 students and other testers will be able to use it until the official rollout. Because some things might have changed, please leave an anonymous comment if you find anything.)

Utah Valley University has an Enterprise Box.com account and offers students 1TB of storage included with tuition.

1 Sign up at uvu.edu. You will also receive an invitation email, but your @my.uvu.edu email address should get you in. If it doesn’t you may have to wait for the invitation.

While you must use your @my.uvu.edu email address to join, it…

I’ve been a Medium reader for a while now, but only today published my first article (which will be of little interest to anyone but my students.)

Speaking of students, we just rolled out the Digital Media UVU Medium site and have begun actively encouraging and even teaching students how to engage.

But today my feed and recommendations are full of “Medium messed up” stories.

Screenshot of my Medium recommendations.

Did we start at just the wrong time? Nobody knows for sure, but here some ways to think about it.

  1. Medium defines the state of the art in content management, so whether Medium’s business model…

Medium uses Embed.ly as its primary method for embedding. This means that whether you want to embed a form, a photo or a rich document from another site, you need only enter the URL. Pasting in the embed code is not only unnecessary, it won’t even work.

The Medium Embed Button


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