They are Rigging Elections Around the World — Staging Coups & Ruining Democracies Everywhere

Map of Election Fraud Actors PROVES Worldwide Election Rigging & Theft

The US suffered a Coup D’ etat on Nov. 8, 2016. The dictatorship is comprised of a “Cabal” of rich, powerful people who installed Donald Trump into office and they are rigging elections & stealing votes from people all over the world. If this network of mob style thugs are not shut down via frozen bank assets, sanctions and jailtime for their owners, we will lose any hope of democracy not only in the US but worldwide. We are at a moment of global election integrity crisis. I see nothing short of an international criminal coalition as having the power and financing to shut down this absolute nightmare. Who are these Cabal Members. Take a deep breath, you won’t believe me but trust me, this is the absolute unsullied truth. Here’s a peek:

Visit the map in realtime here:

It’s a who’s who of Trump administration criminals cross pollenated with UK Business interests, Saudi Oligarchs funding Russian Oligarchs, Rothschild money laundering enterprises, Defense Contracting companies in bed with CIA backed startups. It’s a morass of the craven, morally bankrupt club that would have been Hitler’s legacy had the US and a coalition not stopped him. It’s Nazi Germany 2.0. But their vile hate extends beyond jewish heritage, it expands to cover refugees, african americans, latinos, immigrants, LGBTQ, handicapped, women, children. It’s an all out war and we are their slaughter. Fail to notice this cabal at your own risk. Trump is their village idiot pawn and they are not easily destroyed, like the cockroaches that can survive a nuclear blast, stamping one out- such as Paul Manafort, merely creates 3 more to take his place. When you have illegal money fountains that never stop pouring you can buy another stooge and stage 3 more COUPs.

These wealthy crooks have no loyalty to any country but only their own personal profits or ideological gains and they used the UK Brexit Vote as a testing ground before rigging the US Presidential election based on their methods. The history of this cabal dates back to 1984 / When Howard Ahmanson and his 2 nephews William and Robert Ahmanson used the Texas Savings and Loan Crisis to invest 68% into ES&S Voting Machines. ES&S owners still own 90% of US electronic votes and their same owners now own the electronic pollbooks & the election night reporting software called SCYTL-Clarity. It’s a TOTAL MONOPOLY and while the Dept. of Justice politely begged ES&S to divest of Diebold in 2012, mere presence of Fulton County GA Servers ready to be wiped clean in McKinney Texas ( a former Diebold facility that should belong to Dominion Voting Systems but is controlled somehow by ES&S which is against divestiture rules) is proof this divestiture may have happened on paper (with a $5M sale of Diebold to Dominion — a vastly undervalued sale) but never really happened in real life. Why would the DOJ let this fester since 2012? I have no answer to this and demand one soon.

The history shows that the CABAL’s money is the result of illegal activities and the current day version is Robert Mercer’s using Renaissance Technology to systematically rig and profit from the US Stock Market to a level that is unheard of, with 75% to 100% gains on their investment. That same illicit / ill gotten stock market gains and an unwillingness to pay a $7BN IRS Tax tab, allowed Mercer and Paul Allen of Vulcan to invest in an assortment of analytics companies such as Cadre, Cambridge Analytics, SCYTL, SOE, Vae Capital, Carrier IQ, SCL and others to solidify not only social media election control and dominance, but election night reporting which shifts and changes and morphs to whoever the cabal desires TO INSTALL minutes before polls close election night. This is their engine of “Political Installment” and if it weren’t for Virginia’s board of elections having an emergency meeting to rid themselves of touchscreen voting machines, so too would the GOP Stooges have been INSTALLED in Virginia. Few know that the work of one woman, a female computer scientist named Barbara Simons & Brave tireless Election Integrity Advocate is the reason why VA political offices resulted in a democratic sweep. I doubt anyone from the DNC or the democratic party ever called Barbara to thank her. Such is the remarkable lack of gratitude that face most of us in the election integrity community. We get nothing for our tireless and costly advocacy to restore the ROOT RIGHT of democracy, the right to vote. Failing to restore honest elections makes all other policy issues moot. You can’t choose climate change representatives if you can’t choose a candidate at all. That’s the point. We have to be able to choose who represents us and for many years, since roughly the 1980’s that decision has been made by the Cabal. Did you know that for 145 years Georgia voted democrats for President, House, Senate and Governor and then in 2004 when the cabal thru their Puppet Karl Rove installed 100% Diebold Touchscreen voting in GA , surprise surprise, 145 years of democratic voting shifted overnight to electing GOP candidates. Now we have the stench of that installation in the form of Karen Handel who’s illlegal and rigged election required SOS Office help in the form of Brian Kemp ordering servers to be wiped of their illegal, rigging software. A 3 Level degaussian wipe was more than enough to make sure no activists wielding lawsuits could get their eyes or hands on the offensive rig savvy source code.


The Coup was so extremely successful that the leadership has a retired whitewashing CIA Loyal FBI agent named Mueller and a ragtag band of retired FBI agents pretending to investigate and infinitesimally slowing down any chance to prosecute the treasonous felons. I can already tell you the outcome, Mueller will be too little too late and the COUP has solidified to a dictatorship with a shadow government controlling the US. Ask yourself this question, we have a robust 3 branch system, and yet our entire democracy hangs on a thread with one man Robert Mueller responsible for turning back the tide of decades of corruption, perpetuated by the Supreme Court, by the Congress and worse by judges all across America that allowed the white collar criminals like Donald trump to thrive. Even if Mueller were superman, he can’t do everything overnight and we need this entire cabal to be gone from our government literally overnight or risk having decades of damage done that will take a century to correct.

What Percent of Rigging is Happening?

This article is the result of many years researching election fraud starting in 2004 in Georgia till today. I’m hoping you grab yourself a stiff drink as you proceed to read on.

Back in 2005, when I began my election integrity journey, I drove to 20 counties in Georgia and paid over $25,000 to buy actual election records from counties like Bibb, Effingham, White, Cherokee, etc. What I discovered when I did an audit of the summaries (an audit of the ballots was not possible because they claimed it was a terrorist act for a citizen to ask for election records) was a very disturbing trend of exactly 11% shift in blue voting patterns to red. This 11% number is significant because recently the Kenya Elections also discovered an 11% shift and they are using similar old technology and had similar outcome. At least in Kenya the candidate challenged his election and forced a revote, something American candidates such as Jon Ossoff have not been willing to develop the courage to request. My Report on the Georgia Election can be found here:

2005 Georgia Report:

Fast forward 12 years to 2017 and what percent are they rigging now? Well myself and many nationally respected and Internationally respected data analysts have settled on the range of 21–23%. Try to wrap your head around this number. Hillary likely won with 21% of the vote. Showing that America is not only very democratic, but indeed, extremely PROGRESSIVE. This percent doesn’t include rigging that happens from voter suppresssion which based on Greg Palast’s work is roughly 7%. Combined 30% or almost 1 in 3 votes is being shifted from the voter’s intent of democrat to republican. This is mind boggling but validated by Garland Favorito’s awesome 70 page report on the GA CD election. I post his report and my own report below for you to further dig into the details. Garland’s website: is an excellent resource. Garland and I tried to sue the State of Georgia in 2012 using much of my evidence of voting machines losing votes because of memory card issues (the only way we could prove then that the machines were unreliable absent begin given access to the source software). The laswsuit progressed all the way to the Georgia supreme court and was dismissed with no reason given. They didn’t even rebut our evidence. It was a clearly steered case to a GOP judge and the SOS Often has power to derail legal efforts, but it was an awesome effort by Garland and his wonderful attorney Walker.

2017 Georgia CD06 Ossoff v. handel Report

On the question of vote tallies being hacked by Russia the answer is YES and this article will prove it. The “Cabal” have been doing this since roughly 2002 in Nebraska and 2002,2004 in Georgia and recently have only matured their vote rigging machine to include social media influence using Cambridge analytics and aided by privacy violating companies like Facebook/Twitter and Google Search.

The “Cabal” is at war with the United States and the US Intelligence community facilitated “The Cabal’s” rise to power. Stop wait, what did you say? Isn’t Mueller going to save us? It’s been over a year and Manafort is sitting comfortably in his house making phone calls and live the life of luxury for his crimes. No 3rd world banana republic would allow such thiefs their heads much less their homes, and yet here we are with no further indictments and it’s more than 12 months since election and over 5 years of FBI investigation of Manfort. Is it possible Mueller is setup and approved by the cabal to keep the citizens from rioting? I suspect so. He whitewashed the CIA involvement in the 1991 BCCI Bank in Luxembourg’s investigation and I fully expect him to whitewash this Trump investigation as well.

Citizens must stop at nothing to shut down this cabal and restore honest elections. We must move to hand counted paper ballots (no use of any technology whatsoever) and allow citizens to count the votes election night in the precincts.

We must count the votes election night IN POLLING LOCATIONS all across america.

We must allow any citizens to do the counting.

We must post the results election night on the doors of these locations so the vote totals cannot be changed, and ballots cannot be erased or burned or trashed or wiped clean.

We need to make election day a paid holiday so we don’t punish poor single mothers from trying to vote.

If you think the Cabal works only TOP DOWN thru Trump, you have sadly underestimated the scale and planning and genius of the Cabal. They are much smarter than you so look again. They have infiltrated our local counties through bribed GOP paid operatives such as Rick Barron of Fulton County. A former Sequoia and Hart Intercivic voting machine employee turned Election director. Kicked out of williamson county for shenanigans they promote him to Fulton County one of Georgia’s Largest Voting block / Largely Democratic voting block so he can implement draconian voter suppression tactics, make sure the vote rigging software gets loaded into the Diebold/Dominion/ES&S voting machines. So adept this Barron guy, he managed things like shutting down the election for 2 hours on election day, for example during Handle V. Ossoff’s race when it appeared the GOP underestimated the soccer mom push behind Ossoff would cause his huge surge in votes, literally they shut down the machines for 2 hours while new rigging patches were applied to rig the vote even further. Rick Barron was caught conversing with a Russian Federation Operative (yes I mean FSB/KGB Operative) who is suspected of being Sergei Kudaneev’s daughter Julya Kudaneeva. Sergie was a Judge in the Magnitsky Trial that ordered Magnitsky’s torture. This cabal is rigging thru the likes of Rick Barron who got a $10k raise after rigging the Ossoff race. That’s how the cabal works. Money buys them anything they want including a stupid stooge like Rick Barron. Here’s the details if you care to investigate further but it’s all here with a few interesting graphics to make you gawk such as the Russian Bear tattoo, which is my favorite…

Shocked yet? Russian cells operating within our counties, the largest democratic voting counties in America rigging our elections on behalf of ES&S voting vendors and billionaire oligarchs? It’s true. Why else would Julya be communicating with Rick Barron 10 days before the GA April Special Election in 2017 between Karen Handel and Jon Osssoff? Remember they INSTALLED Miss Handel, and they will keep installing people who want to rob us of our civic rights like the right to marry whom we choose same sex or not.

In this article I will outline how we restore the US to honest elections and rid ourselves of the influence of “The Cabal”. It’s easier than you think! It’s about counties and the people (usually 5) election directors who run that county’s elections. If you knew your job was only to convince 3 out of 5 people to ditch voting machines would that make you feel it’s easier? It’s true. That’s all we need to do. We can this with letter and meetings.

In addition to here in the US, the cabal rigs elections in places like Brazil, the Phillippines, India, Tajikistan, Armena, Kazahkistan, The Balkans. That means who the people voted for are not the ones in office. Who exactly are the “Cabal you ask. I list them in order of funding and importance.

  1. Saudi Oligarchs
  2. Russian Federation & Russian Oligarchs

3. US Religious Zealot Billionaires (Kochs, Ahmansens, Mercers, CNP Members

4. London based Financial and Defense Contracting Interests (Cambridge Analytics, Rothschilds, Level 3, PAE/Lockheed, GenCorp, Carrier IQ)

6. GOP — US Republican Party Leadership and most of GOP membership

6. Bribed or Paid Entities (Urosevich Brothers, Jeffrey Dean, Local Election Officials — Michael Vu-San Diego County, CA , Rich Fitzgerald-Allegheny County PA, Rick Barron-Fulton County, GA , Charities, Voting Organizations, etc.)

7. Electronic Voting Machine Vendors and their Owners (ES&S, Dominion Voting Systems, Hart Intercivic, Smartmatic, EasyVote, VR Systems,

Where do “The Cabal” locate their headquarters? Mostly in London, with offices or operations in Tamp FL, New York,-US, Russia-St. Petersburg, Hungary, India, Tajikistan, Kazahkistan, Armenia, Venezuela, Cuba. They get their funding through 3 main avenues:

  1. Money Laundering (Thru Real Estate, Liquor Sales, Casinos, Electronics sales, Chain Restaurants)

2. Pacs and SuperPacs & Foundations(McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund or Mercer’s Family Foundation)

3. Anonymous Investors

4. Stock Market Rigging (In US, Russia, )

5. Sex Trafficking, Money Laundering, Casino Operations, Sale of Alcohol Beverages

What happens if Americans do nothing and wait for Mueller to indict more of these criminals? It’s already happening, we get appointed for life judges that are no only unqualified but embody the spirit of the hatred and bigotry of this cabal. That is the most enduring legacy, our justice system permanently rigged against the citizens who might try to use it to prevent future election rigging. It’s a vicious cycle and we are their Lab Rats. We deserve our democracy back but have to do more than tweet. We have to climb off our couches and get into the streets and being a plan of careful peaceful non-cooperation at its root seeks to disrupt (non violently of course) the Cabal’s operations. We have to pull out the plug of the computers we have to stop the stock market rigging that funds them thru regulation of hedge funds, we have to seize the bank assets of the foreign interests that betray americans and citizens have to boycott all products such as Brawny paper towels of these GOP henchman. We have to exercise our god given rights as citizens to withdraw consent from any current government and demand a whole new election for every office in the nation on hand counted paper ballots sweping out the old guard of both democrat and republican stale, lying cheaters and put in the millenial approved progressive new forward thinkers of US Democracy. If you were excited by VA’s results imagine that wave sweeping even the red states and the US becoming a 70% progressive majority country, enacting legislation more progressive than Canada or Europe? That is the vision. That is the possibility, that is the hope but it only happens with you and with me and with all of us demanding ACTION and taking action and living for nothing but cold hard action.

LET’S GO. We got this.