you probably had wild imaginative thoughts when you were a kid and nobody believed you, not your parents, not your friends, not your lovers

you probably played games with yourself and knew that quickly you would master the game seeing both sides of the competition

What do 3 men named Knauf, Mittal & Lisin have in common? Trump’s Trade Wars Boost their bottom lines & Extend their Virtual Monopoly Globally

Will Americans recognize Trump’s Dangerous Anti-Trade Tactics before it’s too late? Will we oust Mnuchin, Ross and Zinke before we have nothing left to sell?

How can America compete successfully in the markets for Steel, Aluminum and Drywall if Trump’s US Oligarch Supporters (Folks like Warren Buffet, Wilbur Ross, Steve Mnuchin) use their financial power to sell off core American resources to Globalist Robber Barrons?

The net effect of Trump’s tariffs is to make the…

New Democratic Party Planks — Post Trump Era Suggestions To fix Structural Problems with US Government

@zeebap2 Deserves credit for pushing me to think through this level of detail. She actually pushed me to email her bullets. So here it is, crowdsourced from you great awesome Twitter peeps like @nwnc5th…


Techno Enthusiast & Futurist, National Election Integrity Activist. Focused on getting Trump out of office BY ANY MEANS PEACEFUL & NON COOPERATIVE!

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