How the Weinstein Story is Perceived by Victims

I was sexually harassed at work.

I’ve never talked about it before, except in the most vague terms when explaining to my husband why I quit.

It’s not as unusual a situation as you might think. It doesn’t only happen to the exceptionally beautiful women, or those that dress provocatively, or in Hollywood. The victims, as the above movie depicted, don’t even have to be women.

It doesn’t always include a distinct quid pro quo — Sleep with me, or lose your job.

And, many victims don’t talk about it — sometimes, for many years. In my case, almost 40 years.

It happened to me.
I was working as a bartender. I was about 26 or 27, with a kid at home. I tried to dress in nice clothes, but I’ve never been all that interested in revealing outfits, even to enhance my tips. I dressed in slacks and non-revealing tops.
I worked there about 3 months. The bar was owned by a husband and wife. I knew her, and liked her. My husband had gone to high school with him, and knew his wife, as well.
He was a problem, almost from the beginning. I came to dread the days he would arrive near the end of my shift, to cash out the till (he and his wife shared that task). While he was there, he was fond of getting behind the bar, and managing to brush against my body as he walked around. This was in full view of the customers.
At first, I thought I was imagining his intent. I couldn’t think why a man married to a REALLY pretty girl — better looking than I — would care about trying to hit on other women. I tried to avoid him as much as I could.

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