This is not normal & I will not hide how much this hurts.
Crista Anne

A great piece Crista Anne. As an xy carrier I’d like to say you have my empathy but I can’t because really, how can you empathise with someone when you have no true experience of what it is like? I’d like to say you have my sympathy but that just seems too passive or even patronising. I think the best I can do is say that your piece makes me sad that we (the collective royal ‘we’ and arguably mostly male ‘we’) still enable an approach to each other that selectively, deliberately and willfully undermines and demeans half of who we are as a species. And I wonder as male, what are men afraid of? Because fear is the best I can come up with for why we continually deny equal standing to ‘others’ (the collective ‘not white male’ others)? And after reading your piece I realise that doing my bit isn’t enough. I wish it was

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