Are you the Head of Developer Relations at HyperTrack?

Building apps with location tracking is harder than it needs to be. A few companies in the world have done a great job of solving this problem but restrict the technology to their own app users. HyperTrack is democratizing this technology and making it available to everyone.

How is location tracking different from location-based services?

The same way that a line is different from a point.

Location-based services was built to get the blue dot from the device and use maps to make sense of it. Location tracking is about how the device moves, where it goes and how it gets there.

This involves device-to-cloud infrastructure, battery efficiency, and real-time processing for accuracy. What used to be one API call has now become a persistent background service for developers to manage on the device and cloud.

Who cares?

When location-based services were introduced in Android and iOS upon inception of the two Operating Systems, who would have thought that a third to half of all apps in the world would use it a decade later! Apps asking for permission to use our location is muscle memory now.

We think that location tracking will have a similar evolution. A significant percentage of all apps will use live location tracking to power a better experience.

Tracking consumers is creepy!

We agree. And that is why we are focused on tracking work users.

Developers at companies want to build applications that track the movement of their business. Building with HyperTrack is the easiest way to do so.

How big is that?

Hundreds of millions of devices doing billions of visits a day.

Look around you. I mean, literally, look at the nearest street around you. Look for anything that moves with commercial value. The traveling salesmen, the service fleets of white vans, the truck backing up for a pickup, the delivery man dropping off a parcel, the big bag on a bike rushing across town, the bus to commute to work, and the cab picking up that lady at the corner.

Imagine that there are developers, this very second, building apps for these users to manage their work. Adding location tracking to these apps would bring visibility to the business, productivity to the workforce, a great experience to customers and insights to business leaders.

Makes more sense now. Why are you looking for Head of DevRel though?

Developers at companies have started building apps with location tracking already. We want them to consider HyperTrack as the quickest and easiest option to build with, make it easy for them to get what they are looking for, support them in being successful with their project, give them a megaphone to talk about their experiences with the community, and give them a voice inside the company.

That sounds like me. What are you looking for?

  1. Be a legit developer: Engineers do not trust non-engineers. What’s up with that! Be a technically qualified developer who cares about helping others like yourself.
  2. Be passionate about the cause: We are building something that developers want, and don’t know yet. Convince yourself about the former, then help us fix the latter.
  3. Be entrepreneurial: What Naval said. You are going to be the face of the company. Better wear it like you own it.

What will a typical day look like?

8:30am: On your way to work, spotted a developer with the HyperTrack laptop sticker you rolled out

9am: Recorded a video for developers to add the HyperTrack SDK to their React Native app

10:30am: Edited a post by an engineer who released a new feature

11:15am: Wrote the docs page for webhooks

3pm: Reviewed the tutorial on Github that open sources a ridesharing app built with HyperTrack

3:15pm: Answered a question on Slack support about a new API

3:20pm: Created a high priority ticket about the customer complain to improve accuracy of walk detection

3:30pm: Rolled out a program to reward champions in the HyperTrack user community for their contributions with open source code, content and engagement

5:30pm: Gave a lightning talk at the Kotlin meetup about the cool things you could do with live location. Applause!

On a great day, you would get a Github repo or a major product release trending. On a challenging day, you would scramble to get an unhappy user in Netherlands on a Zoom call with our team member in Bangalore at an unearthly hour.

Our best hires have come from the network and HyperTrack user community. We are sending this message out to the universe knowing that you are out there looking for someone exactly like us.

If you are HyperTrack’s Head of Developer Relations, please raise your hand by emailing me at Once you join, you will own this alias.

This is a full-time position based in San Francisco. We are on the wrong side of Market right now but only by a few blocks. Please do not hold that against us. Like the devices we track, our live location is subject to movement.

Be humble. Prima donnas will not be a culture fit.

To hold ourselves accountable to gender diversity, we will interview at least three qualified women candidates before closing this position. Thanks Katie Fifer and Chantalle Dumonceaux for the tip.

We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome fellow humans of any color, gender, religion, country of birth, sexual orientation, or disability.