Why living with family during a job search post college is not ideal

It seems like a good idea but I would avoid it whenever possible

I’ve been looking for a job for a few months. During this time I have been living with my dad in Nashville. We share a single bedroom apartment in a downtown high rise. The complex is quite nice with a rooftop pool with a great view and a decent gym on the second floor. On paper it seems like a pretty good deal. I get to live without the cost of living during my job search, sounds great!

In reality, its been a bit of a nightmare. Logistically my father and I cannot work simultaneously. We share a desk in the living room but on the days he works from home I have no ability to do my work. When I am working at night he comes home and typically kicks me off the desk and takes priority. I have a monitor which he uses on the desk and my computer underneath. He works a pretty high tension job with lots of deadlines and constant management of individual tasks. He is the type of person who everything thinks the sky is constantly falling is can be on a hair trigger when getting home.

After a few days ago I sat down at our shared desk to have him burst into the apartment and demand he use the desk immediately. I obliged and he starts yelling like the world is going to end if he does not get on the computer now. He just kept coming over and over again at my yelling louder and louder. I step away from the desk and go into the bedroom. Yup, not the best way to be greeted by your father at 9pm.

I have had quite a disappointing job search. If you would like to know more of how it is to find a job in Nashville for an iOS developer read my previous post. Every week or so my dad will berate me with the constant questions of what I did that day. The same few questions over and over again. Last week he started to demand the answers to the weekly dress down and then just sprinkled in this treat, “How are you unemployed? The employment rate is extremely low and you have to be an idiot to not have a job right now”. Just the greatest motivational speech a guy could use when endlessly getting disappointed by recruiters and receiving generic let down email after email. He does not know much about the tech job landscape and frequently asks the same questions at nauseam. He also is not involved enough in my job search to know what the latest news is. When his tornado of questions hits land there is only so much funding I can get from the FEMA.

Everything is waiting on this job. As soon as I get this job my parents will buy me the car they promised me when I graduated college. I will be able to evade my parents roof and have income to live comfortably. Alone and could not be happier. But until then I will endlessly be stuck in online application limbo and loving the loneliness of following up with recruiters and not hearing back.