Hiatus ends with a book report

Sorry about that, folks. The trip is over and I am trying to get my arms to calm down from all the strain. This year was quite an adventure for my poor body.

Today I want to share with you about a book we read. The book is called One Green Apple by Eve Bunting. It is about an immigrant girl named Farah. It is easy to assume she is meant to be Muslim based on her head scarf.

The book is pretty. The pictures are simple and uncomplicated shots of an apple orchard and a school field trip.

It is Farah’s second day of school. Her classmates are still introducing themselves.

The book isn’t real harsh. There is the hint that things could be rocky in the future for Farah (some people do not look welcoming) but mostly she is finding a way to try to fit in.

It was a really simple book. When it referenced why her family would come here it was non-specific and non-judgmental. “Our home country and our new country have had difficulties.” That’s an incredibly gentle way to phrase such a complex topic for children, well done.

I’m trying hard to get more books into our library about people who are less like us. This is a lovely beginning. Thank you, Ms. Bunting.