Only 4 days

Today we are having a little going away party. Because I will miss my friends very much when I am off traveling. It is nice that people want to come see us off. I waited until the last minute to decide if I wanted a going away party. I was not sure if I would be up to it.

The potty isn’t packed. Perishable food isn’t packed. Our bikes aren’t packed. The last of younger child’s clothing isn’t packed. (She has one week of pants and that’s it. Can’t pack them early.)

Otherwise the van is loaded. I feel overwhelmed by how full it is. I’m still making decisions about ice chests. I have a plug-in-to-the-lighter ice chest. I didn’t know such things existed! We live in a truly miraculous time. Right now I have a smaller will-need-ice cooler in the front so we can have drinks and snacks more accessible. But I used our medium sized cooler and it takes up most of the floor space beneath youngest’s chair.

Not sure I want to sacrifice so much floor space. I have a smaller one. Given that the cooler-in-front will be mostly used to stage lunches… not sure I need the bigger one. And the bigger one would want more frequent ice. But with the smaller one, I wont be able to move the emergency-need-to-keep-cold food into it when the car is turned off for a day or so.

Lots of factors to consider when making decisions.

I haven’t done all of the chores around the house, like making the diagram of the yard to tell my husband and yard-sitter where to water and when. I need to do that. I’m having a hard time finding motivation.

I’m in that senior-itis part. I’m ready to stop doing work and change my environment.

We have a lot of books. I think I will pack a lot of snack foods in small Amazon boxes so that when I finish reading books I can ship them home. I’m bringing some physically large books because I want to read them but I don’t really want to schlep them for more than five months.

So many logistical considerations. Today I will make a list of what perishable foods I want to have with me. I need to negotiate with the kids about it.

The van is at the shop for the last last last checkup before we head out of town. I’m very grateful for my mechanic. He’s being ridiculously generous with his time.

It’s almost time to run away from home.

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