Technology Natives

Some of my friends have had a Twitter account for their child since birth. Given that the parents originally met on Twitter… it makes sense.

This morning my eldest child put a step on the path towards her own internet identity. We made an email account and linked it up with youtube so she can control what she watches more. Because she now has her own account, uploading videos will be easy.

During the upcoming road trip we will be spending some time figuring out video blogging, because Shanna isn’t really ready to type everything she thinks yet. But she has a lot to say. Why wait?

I think that Noah (my husband; her dad) and I should probably try to get most of Shanna’s internet presence up and ready by the end of April so Shanna can order vanity cards to hand out.

We live in a big world. Connecting with people is how you create the nets that catch you when you fall. Shanna has expressed the desire to meet as many people as possible from her earliest speech. I think making her wait until she hits seven to really go out and take the world by storm is fair.

Yes, some people are child actors and are famous by seven. They often have really messed up lives. I want Shanna to have a bedrock of stability. When you spend all of your time reaching out for new connections, you forget your bedrock.

I think spending the first seven years just focusing on learning how to be in a family and how to be you is important. That way you don’t go tilting at windmills wanting attention. People who will do anything for attention get into trouble. I want kids who will ask for attention within boundaries. So I’m teaching that.

I feel so grateful for the life I get to lead. I’m enjoying escorting my little Digital Native out onto her early explorations. Life is good.

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