Traveling is hard.

I keep thinking, “I should write for the smalls” then… I get to wifi and collapse. I’m so tired. I had not properly anticipated just how tired I would be.

Today we went to the aquarium in Mystic Connecticut. It was small but well appointed. That means that all the animals had fairly large spaces and didn’t seem too crowded. There just weren’t that many animals. Very expensive. I just cross my fingers it is so expensive because the animals get to eat restaurant grade fish.

Today was another book buying day. I look forward to going home and seeing the whole towering stack at once. I hope I will find the energy to do book reports on the books we found. Many of them are so wonderful I cry when I read them — that nice kind of crying. The kind that says, “Oh this is awesome!”

Tomorrow we get to New York City. I have very tentative plans for us but not much really firm. We have a hotel reservation because I messed up the camping reservation. Deep sigh. I’ve messed up a lot of logistics for this trip. It is all stuff I can recover from, but I’m wasting money and that makes me cranky.

It is really hard keeping this many details in my head. There are the details about contacting people as we travel. Arranging lodgings. Keeping all of our stuff organized (which is nearly a full time job). Trying to home school the kids…

I’m very overwhelmed and I keep making mistakes. It is hard to not get upset with myself for messing up so often. I tell my kids that mistakes are important — they give you an opportunity to grow and learn things. I wish I actually believed it.