Yellowstone has rules for reasons.

We pulled into Yellowstone park very excited. I’ve heard about Yellowstone for years. Surely this will be a wonderful week long adventure! We arrive at the west gate and discover that I booked us into the camping location… at the east gate. No big deal, right?

Well, Yellowstone is pretty wide. I hadn’t anticipated quite how wide it was nor how long it would take us to drive through the park. I did my driving time estimate… to the gate. Not to our camp site. It took almost two hours to drive from one side of the park to the other because traffic was frequently stopped. There is an animal and people want to sit there and watch and take pictures. If you want to get to the other side of the park you can just wait.

I’m not actually complaining about that. We saw a moose and a buffalo really close to our vehicle and we all thought that was pretty rad.

But we finally roll into our camp site. About 90 minutes after I thought we would arrive. I was feeling tired and kind of frustrated.

Then I saw a big sign. This camp ground is ONLY for RVs with hard sides because it is right in the grizzly bear migration path. We have a soft sided tent pop up. Whoops.

I went into the registration office and said, “I made a mistake.” The kind woman looked into putting us in another tent-campint-location. It would be a 90 minute drive back to that camp site. And we could only be in the site for 17 hours before we would have to pack up and leave Yellowstone anyway.

I decided that it was best to just finish the drive through the park, come out the other side, and find some sort of lodge/hotel/motel for the night. Especially because it was starting to rain. And thunder.

We spend the night in a little lodge right outside the east gate. There was a terrific lightning storm. I’m just as happy I didn’t have to enjoy that storm in a camp site I have to vacate come morning. It would be hard to dry everything out in time to pack up.

We left the lodge right after breakfast and drove out to Sheridan Wyoming. We are in a KOA and we are having a jim-dandy time. This is prety awesome. I like having a plug for our little plug-in cooler. We have a play ground, a swimming pool, a mini-golf course and we are going to go do some activities.

We are going to drive out to the Little Big Horn Battle site. We hope to go horseback riding. I hear there is a nice 4th of July celebration in town.

It’s going to be quite an American holiday.

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