Live in Luxury, with the price of a coffee.

While some of the richest can indulge in the luxuries like expensive cars, vacation homes, or jets. I take materialism to a different level. I indulge in the luxuries that I can afford. I make use of luxuries that are currently undervalued because of technology.

21st vs. early 20th century pens.

Some people may call me foolish, but I use to have a hobby collecting fountain pens. I’ve purchased, restored, and sold dozens and dozens of pens to understand the different feelings each pen exudes. The german perfectionist-quality of a vintage Pelikan (Montblanc’s biggest competitor) and the smoothness of its nib (writing tip of the pen). The smell of oxidized rubber, because a hundred years ago, rubber was the best material available for pens. The flexibility of some Mabie Todd Swan pens (with life-time warranty that has ended because the company has been long gone) which could produce exquisite calligraphy from its hairline to broad line variation. Or pens with names engraved onto them because they were highly valued and perhaps, thought would be passed onto future generations. Pity, I know.

The mobile phones we carry around everywhere today are the pen and notebooks people would carry around a hundred years ago. The luxury of a high quality pen gave more confidence that clothes wouldn’t be ruined because of ink leakage. As we would bring our phones to repair shops if our phones broke, people would bring their pens to nibmeisters to get their pens repaired or customized.

I haven’t even gotten into the types of paper or ink people used for their pens. There are infinite amounts of stories hidden under everyday items that we take for granted. You don’t have to be as excessive as I did in enjoying the world of pens, but it can be as simple as doing some Google searches or staying longer at the grocer and asking tons of questions.

Instead of buying snacks or candy, I buy high quality water. I try water from the deep oceans, glaciers and exotic springs. While I can’t afford drinking this type of water all the time, I enjoy them the moments I can. I learn the basics of water tasting and take a moment for myself everytime I take a sip of water.

Most recently, I’ve encountered Maldon salt. It adds to any meal, a crunchy texture at the first bite from its characteristically large diamond-shaped salt crystals. This is salt was used by the Kings and aristocrats thousands of years ago and has also been granted the Royal Warrant from serving the Queen for many years. Although its price is many times higher than typical table salt of today, it’s still affordable. At the cost of one cup of coffee, the salt can be used for over a hundred servings — translating to over a hundred moments of enjoyment. Though, do this sparingly, don’t become so addicted that you diminish the fun!

These are my little secrets to enjoying the “luxurious” life. I hope this will help you all understand that satisfaction does not require monetary wealth. Appreciate the little things in life while you can.

Comment below: what are the favorite things you enjoy taking a moment with?

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[Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Pelikan, Montblanc, or Maldon salt]

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