Why Having Too Many Hobbies Can Make You Suffer, Unless…
Dani Rya

There are definitely very humbling and inspiring people out there, whether if on youtube, social media, or in-person, who will make me want to be like them and follow their exact path…then there’s a another person inspiring me on something else the next week… We can be side tracked, but there comes a time when we’re supposed to catch ourselves and return to our current focus.

You’re doing well! You’re lucky to be open minded and have experienced a lot. You’re not alone. I also used to label myself as one with ADHD and I was (not sure if it was a causal relationship). I had neuropsychological tests conducted and even seeked neurologists and psychiatrists for help. But I stopped looking for excuses and faced reality head-on when I realized our brains are very plastic, it will adapt to whatever we put ourselves through. Peer pressure is real. With that said, I’d start with embedding myself into a community, if I can’t find one — I’d create one (I like Facebook Groups). One that I could follow when I’m lost or at my low points and where I could lead when I’m given the opportunities to and help fellow buddies in need. And one with specific and similar goals to grow together with (think: Paypal founders and their passion in tech or even our classmates through college!). Communities help keep us focused. So thanks for bringing our community together with this post!

More specific tips: I recommend improving brain health (“Spark” — John Ratey), preventing bad habits + promoting good habits (“Power of Habit” — Charles Duhigg), black/white setting on phone (I use tripleclick to de/activate on iphone), photo blocker on web browser (Wizmage Image Blocker for Google Chrome), audiobooks and podcasts (Tim Ferriss, Dave Asprey, James Altucher, Jordan Harbinger (Art of Charm), TrainingBeta Podcast)←careful with these, they’re useless unless you can turn knowledge into action immediately (Tony Robbins). Random book I read/am reading: “Ego is the Enemy” — Ryan Holiday, “The Oxygen Advantage” — Patrick McKeown.

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