The “Joint” On Recreational Marijuana

The “Joint” On Recreational Marijuana

October 18, 2016


Captain America


If you’re reading, odds are your either a pot head hoping that recreational Marijuana comes to your state, or an old timer who wouldn’t be caught in the same room as a hippy smoking the “Devil’s Cabbage”. Regardless of your stance on Recreational Marijuana a decision will need to be made. If you live in: Nevada, Maine, Arizona, Massachusetts, Florida or Arkansas you will be voting on Recreational Marijuana reform. Unless your’e the idiot who think that your one vote doesn’t matter. My goal on this post is to show you pot heads the negative effects that Recreational Marijuana Reform will bring, and to show you stubborn old folks the positive effects that will come of Recreational Marijuana Reform. Tough goal I know, but I have confidence that at least one half of my readers will make it to the end. Did you get the joke?


In hopes that I don’t lose the “liberated” half of my readers let me focus on what I aim to explain to you. The negative effects that Recreational Marijuana Reform will have in the states where they are passed. How can I predict the future? It’s simple my friends.

Have you ever heard the quote: “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” ?

No this was not a lie that your boring history teacher told you in 6th grade History class. It’s True.

So let’s look at Colorado. In Colorado marijuana was responsible for 40% of the DUI’s. Those who say that marijuana does not affect your driving are ill informed. I will agree that it is not as dangerous s driving drunk but you mean to tell me it doesn’t effect your ability to operate heavy machinery? According to the former Colorado Governor Bill Owens, marijuana traffic deaths have increased by 60%. Upon the implementation of Recreational Marijuana use, marijuana users from age 12–17 have increased and are at an average of 11% compared to the national average of 7%. That’s a bit high don’t you think? No pun intended. Since the legalization of marijuana, school suspensions and expulsions have increased by 32%. It doesn’t end there. In 2013, 48.4% of arrests made in Denver had a suspect that tested positive for Marijuana. There was also a 57% increase in emergency room visits due to marijuana and along with a 82% increase in hospital visits due to marijuana. In one Colorado hospital, 50% of the newborns tested positive to marijuana.

Putting all of this aside and behind us, well done Colorado. For those users in Colorado, the price of pot has increased by $10.

Now on to you stubborn old timers. Let’s look at positives that recreational marijuana will bring.

Marijuana is a gold mine. That’s right it is an extremely lucrative business waiting to be taken legal and reap its benefits to the state.

Marijuana State Tax Is 2.9%

Marijuana Retail Special Sales Tax 10%

Check out this figure of Washington’s new Cash Crop!

In January 2015 alone, Colorado made 46.5 million dollars in marijuana tax revenue. That is one month folks. In 2015 alone, Colorado sold 996 millions dollars worth of marijuana. Do I need to keep going? This is absolutely insane and is a revenue field in which your state should invest. And this is only the beginning, there are more stores to open, more marketing to take place. This Recreational Marijuana Reform has essentially given an eye opening smack to the face of all who doubted it, and will continue to surprise us as time goes on.


There is no doubt as to the impressive effect that recreational marijuana has had on the tax revenue totals. Marijuana is a gold mine and is literally making states rich. That being said there are negative aspects of legalization. As a voter it is up to you to make a decision as to whether the risk is worth the reward. Another key aspect to keep in mind is where this tax money is being spent. Personally I would like to see money spent on infrastructure, education and law enforcement as oppose to funding ridiculous liberal programs, but that’s just me. Now there is only one last thing to do. Vote.

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