Trump’s First Trip Abroad Puts Obama’s ‘Apology Tour’ to Shame

Unlike Barack Obama, President Trump’s first trip aboard was no apology tour.

After a long eight years, America is finally center stage again. Not as the world’s bully, but as the world’s leader.

Our country lacked leadership under Obama’s reign, and it’s quite refreshing to see a POTUS demonstrate resilience in the face of the world leaders.

President Trump has concluded his first trip nine-day trip abroad, which included Saudi Arabia, Israel, the Vatican, Brussels and Italy for the G7 summit.

This was nothing like Barack Hussein Obama’s first foreign trip, in which he began to lay the groundwork for a lead-from-behind foreign policy.

Many have dubbed his foreign visits as nothing short of an “apology tour.”

This is because Obama was a weak leader that viewed America in a global sense. This is particularly due to his Kenyan roots, he viewed America in the context of the global world.

That’s not what we need or desire from a president. We need leadership that views the world from America’s perspective, and puts America first.

The current president displays actual leadership, compared to the feckless and apologetic Obama.

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