Hello, Immortality.

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media platform available to us….

It seems like nowadays we are all craving something, an insatiable craving that seems to be getting bigger…deeper…deeper…and DEEPER as we engage.

what are we looking for?
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…..validation, fame, acceptance? Over a decade ago (wow, time flies) I was one of the earlier members of Facebook. It was a few years after my friends made accounts, so in digital years; I was late. But it was the hottest new wave coming on the heels of myspace and whatever else platform existed.

I posted my very first pic, my introduction to the digital world. After a few months, I noticed something. The dichotomy of peoples personalities online and offline seemed to be getting wider and wider. People were acting one way online and one way offline. This desire to be seen, heard and accepted at all costs grew with each passing year, and soon my distaste grew with it. It was clear.

   Social Media had become our new barometer for acceptance.

This is an obvious statement today, but in 2006 it was silly.

Almost two years ago, I had enough. I was tired of this unconscious desire to engage, not just commenting, liking or sharing…I MEAN ENGAGING BY SIMPLY LOGGING ON.

So……………………………………………………………… I disengaged.

during that time, a newfound revelation.
a related but unrelated truth.


The digital elixir.

The Philosophers Stone.

………..was found.

It suddenly occurred to me. All our thoughts, preferences, images, videos, responses were filed stored and accessible. New technology was being designed to replicate and upload the human mind into a computer with an aim to create a digital state of consciousness that will last far beyond our bodies biological limits.

The concept of a digital after-life was no longer far fetched.

And for the first time, I started to think about how I wanted to be remembered
not short term
long term

but forever. ∞
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