You’re missing a point here and it’s an obvious one. When I mention those who do not vote, I am referring to those who drape themselves in a faux patriotism that’s all stars and stripes and no liberty and justice for all. I come from a people who were denied the right to vote for centuries, so that right is something near and dear to me. I’m not denying a person’s decision; but at the same time, but those people have no reason to neither complain or praise about the system if they’re not willing to educate themselves as to what the issues are and what candidates stand for. No one can know everything about a candidate, that’s why the phrase well informed was invented. Knowledge isn’t all or nothing.
You’re missing a point here and it’s an obvious one.
Clay Rivers

The point has not flown over my head you say blindly this being the cause of are current situation. Educate yourself. You cry ignorance of the opposition wile both sides are consumed by the ignorant. Demonising those who have legitimate concern with legislation in which are nation is bankrupting and I’m not just referring to the ACA. We as a nation have a real debt problem we as a nation have a deficit that must be addressed. Equality within are state has been achieved even in regards to marriage. But if I disagree with your ideology I’m a racist a xenophobic, islamaphobic ignorant detestable human being. There are ignorant people amongst your ranks and your anger will only harm the very people you claim to care. How many men died for the freedom of those oppressed. What came after was disgrace to are nation. The anger felt by the family’s of those affected by the war drove the hate. Acting as if today is a situation equal to the struggles of the past are laughable the state goes above and beyond to do what is right. If you wish to live in a perfect society then move the magic kingdom in Florida

It does not exist people do horrible things people think horrible things but the state and popular opinion has moved are nation forward. Much of the plight within lower income communities today is caused by culture of crime and drugs and this effects all races and communities. I’m not trying to say that there is know racism in the world. Honestly when’s the last time you drank from a fountain designated out of ignorance or were forced to sit at the back of the bus that interview did you get it. The truth is are country is dying by the hands of drug dealers all communities are being effected. This is a tragedy the numbers of young men and women dying and being incarcerated. What do you suppose we do to build a better nation one were those most in need can be given. YOUR DEVISIVE POLITICS ARE DRIVING MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WHO WOULD OTHER WISE SUPPORT MANY OF YOUR CAUSES. Your driving a wedge between the American people and when your done let me know how it turned out. GRRR GOOD LUCK IN YOUR RECKLACE endeavor.

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