Connect the dots by looking from the top.

I’ll start with a quick side note, that it is not my type of thing to spray the society with messages like “You can be whoever you image to be” even-though this post might have an odor of self-help talk.

I’ve long thought of ways how to see if I have made the right choices and have shaped my life in the ways that I want to, not how everyone else around me says that I should.

Not to sound too poetic, but it was on a flight to home, when I looked outside the small window and starred at all the amazing patterns that have formed the fields and land. The plane came close to landing and I could see a tiny man, embraced by an endless view of roads and forrest. There on a road, his perspective was linear and straight forward. No matter where he would go and which way he would turn, it’s all an eye level perspective that the visual appears. He was not able to see his hole path, from his starting point until his destination.

It wasn’t as grim as this picture below, but it illustration the point, that when you are on the ground you see what is around you, but not your whole journey for that day, week or life.

I would like to compare this view with with your daily routines, with decisions, that you make at work, home, study and and every moment when you have a choice. Every day you choose between endless possibility of choices(roads) that are in the eye-sight level, and it is so easy to loose track with all these options and opportunities when you don’t have a clear end-goal to thrive for. So many of us, including myself do not have an idea of how to pursue their lives and I want to inspire everyone not to get discouraged by this feeling. There are plenty of “gurus” saying that you should keep on doing what you like and one day it will hit you, but I think that once a while you should stop and take a look of where are you heading with the action you are doing on daily basis.

I’ve heard plenty of remarks stating that you must have a birds view strategy as a leader of a group or a director of a company, but I believe that it perfectly applies to every individual, when looking at his/hers life choices.

It is not about making a structured plan for the rest of your lives as so many of us are lost in the wast amount of choices thrown at us. It is about looking at what we are interested in the most and drawing a parallel with our daily activities and these interests. If the roads match most of the time, that’s perfect, if not, it might be the time to look “from the top” of where are you heading and where you would like to be.

And all this is done without losing the momentum of living in a moment. You still have to enjoy that thing that you do, just taking a step back once a while and re-considering what is the best course of action that you want to evolve yourself in to have a positive outcome.

Not everyone is fit and seeks for an adventure filled life, but projecting your ideas on a birds view map, can help you to find ways and matters to connect your actions with your best interests.

This is my way of mapping few of my current affairs and the things I feel happy doing.

Notice that there is no end goal, target or a strategy. I fell that if I keep on doing what bring me the biggest satisfaction, I will eventually find “my call”, if not, at least I’ve spent the time doing what I enjoy the most.

Taking a look from the top has helped me to understand and visualize how my action influence my journey. Look at the river in the middle as the road that you’re headed and the smaller creeks as the deeds that will help you get there. If I stop reading or writing, the creek will slowly dry out and slow down my chances of getting forward. I believe that everyone has it’s own way of figuring out their lives, as no one else but yourself knows you the best.

Thanks for stopping by and let me know how you have found a way or have managed to keep yourself motivated to do what you like the most.

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