Remember that boy you thought would be standing at the end of the aisle waiting for you with tears running down his face? Well he was stupid, he was so darn stupid for letting you go. You keep fighting, you wake up everyday the brave and courageous woman you are. Things don’t always go as you’ve planned, because there’s a bigger plan up there from the big guy. Sometimes falling so madly in love is a lesson, as crazy as it seems. You live and you learn. But they will always carry a piece of you like you always will of them. Sometimes it’s about the memories and what you learned about yourself.

But overall, you can’t give up on yourself altogether bc some silly boy didn’t realize the queen he had. You stand up for yourself, no guy is gonna define who you are or your goals you’ve set. There are so many people you have left to meet in your lifetime, that’re going to be more mature and loving and respectful. Good things come with time. We have so much living left to do, don’t hold yourself back for a small minded boy thinking of one thing. Don’t you dare change your dreams to follow him to college or not spend time on yourself bc he’s selfish.

The person you spend your forever with will look at you every morning like they’re falling in love all over again. Never should he degrade you or belittle you for anything, he’s not going to call you names or have trust issues. They’ll treat you with the upmost respect and cherish every moment they have with you. He’ll push you to succeed and love yourself. He will be your support system, your backbone. But most of all he will be your best friend, your sanity after a long day.

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