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An abstraction as a term has many meanings. Reading a lot of computer science textbooks, tech documentation, I have bumped into the word quite a few times, and it has always been ambiguous what that refers to exactly. …

Let’s face it, you will stay indoors for a little longer. COVID-19 has had many people start thinking about what is actually important, re-prioritise. I don’t need to be telling you again that fashion industry is polluting the planet.

1. The True cost


Availability: digital download for $9.99 at

YouTube link:

Year: 2015.


If you can only watch one movie about the fashion industry, pick this one.

This all-round critically acclaimed movie is a true encapsulation of the world of fast fashion, being especially relevant today. This…

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Following a tradition writing about my latest and greatest discoveries of the month. I have no idea, if anyone even needs it, but I though it would be fun to keep it a a diary of sorts, hope somebody might find it useful.

My Work with Design systems

I have been working on a Helsinki…

As I decided to make it a monthly tradition to share something I found interesting for the last month, here is my (a bit late) January summary.

An Algorithm: Simplex Noise

My initial idea was to create an ‘Aurora effect’ with WebGL and I stumbled upon an interesting implementation on Coderops using simplex-noise npm…

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Following the infamous YouTube trend in the beauty community to post about your favorite things at the end of each month, I decided to go the same route and share what I have managed to for the last 30 days, all completely programming related.

Best of Tech Articles

One of the best explanations of…

Full (well, almost, hopefully) guide to CSS Reset libraries

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A little bit of an introduction: I became interested in CSS resets for a very practical reason. I am a consultant software engineer and that implies I work with different clients and start greenfield projects from time to time.

At a certain point after creating a few web projects from…

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In the real world of development, we have to add new features very quickly. In this tutorial, I will show you everything you can do to streamline this process and reach 120% of your dev speed.

Why, you might ask?

Because doing manual work is extremely counter-productive when it comes…

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I would say that this was quite a journey. I knew that Webpack was not easy to configure: there are many parts with many options, there’s npm hell, and they change with new releases. …

Spoiler: there is no right way. #justwebpackthings

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This blogpost has been last updated 28.12.2018 with webpack v4.28.0

Update 23.06.2018: I have received a bunch of comments about what worked and what can be improved! Thank you for your feedback! I have tried to take every comment into consideration here! At a certain point I have also decided…

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For a few month I started to volunteer for the Shortcut organisation as a coding teacher. About the organisation you can find more information here.

Since then my teacher journey has begone. I am helping refugees to learn some HTML & CSS & JavaScript every Thursday for a couple of…

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