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Fintech needs a voice to counter aggressive lobbying from banks
Brad van Leeuwen

@Brad van Leeuwen I do understand the scream of fintechs for more collaboration. On the other hand, there are the banks that are not willing to give up there role as trust provider of financial data, which makes sense as well.

Fintech these days is a very broad spectrum of course. Let us narrow it down to consumer facing fintechs. It is one thing to be very fast in developing new products, it is another to attract a lot of customers. That is where they need the bank for.

I may be biased a bit as a former banker, but the overhead banks need to carry should not be underestimated, in countries like Belgium this is at a cost of close to 0€/year for daily banking.

Is it “misinformation, selective truths, exaggerations and fear to drive regulatory change and reduce competition by new entrants” like you stated? Probably some, but that is the game of lobbying, in which the fintech community is pretty strong as well ;).

Let the market play I would say, and see who will win at the end. Likely this will be the collaborative banks.

Railsbank is doing a great job at opening doors with representatives like yourself, let us see where it goes in 5–10 years.