Act As If

Rik Arron
Rik Arron
Feb 23, 2017 · 1 min read

Act as if.

That’s what my good friend and mentor used to tell me. It basically is another way of saying fake it until you make it, but it works.

For most people they wait until they have perfected their product, completed their novel, gained enough life experience before they put themselves out there. They rarely get there, many wait forever.

Starting is the biggest and hardest step of all but once you’ve started you can build momentum, gain experience, learn lessons, perfect and hone things along the way. If you don’t start you are already behind in the game.

Act as if you know the eventual desired outcome and draw it to you. Get out there, hustle, listen, learn, screw up, pick yourself back up. Repeat.

Originally published at the everpresent.

Rik Arron

Rik Arron

These are my head thoughts, my eye visions and my speech words from the less travelled road.

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