Thanks for the stickers Apple.

It has been a little more than a month since iOS 10 was launched and I wanted to thank Apple for making it extremely easy for anybody to create sticker packs for iOS 10 Messages. As an independent artist, it is rare when an easy way to create passive income comes along and it’s much appreciated.

Soon after the stickers were announced at WWDC in June, I started to think it would be a great idea for me to make my own pack. I started to sketch ideas for a potential sticker pack while on a family trip to New York. Once back home, It took me about 3 weeks to complete the artwork for my pack of 45 hand drawn stickers. When the artwork was complete, it took minutes to have a build of the sticker app to test.

The fact that Apple created an App template that allowed me to have a running app so quickly really helped me concentrate on making great stickers and less about how I would pull it off technically. Once the GM build of iOS 10 was distributed, I made a a final build and submitted it to the App Store for approval. My sticker app was approved within 24 hours and at that point I knew my stickers would be available with the launch of iOS 10.

Rikcat — App Store Promo

To my surprise, my app was featured on the AppStore home screen in a section called “Make it Weird” on launch day. Soon after, Apple contacted me about a possible promotion in the App Store. I submitted a promo image per the specs provided and, in a couple of days, my App had a full promo image under the header “Check out these Artists”.

My experience through the whole thing has been nothing but positive and I’m grateful for Apple making it easy for independent artists to participate in this way. Thanks Apple.