I found a handwritten erotic novel from 1949 in my attic…and this is the first 3 pages.

Page 1

Karlskrona, 18.9–1949

Dear Maja!

We once promised each other that the one of us that first solves the mystery of the man and the intercourse, should tell the other about it, without hiding anything. So please don’t hold it against me, that I am now writing everything that has happened.

As you know, I was supposed to go into Grand Hotel and there I got a room on the third floor. Next to my room was another, which was still available and bigger than mine. In a smaller one lived a young man, who I often met in the hallway and the lobby.

As good friends, we greeted each other and he introduced himself. He was a student, and his name was Axel. One evening, we came home at the same time. He was…

Page 2

…dressed up and offered me some sweets, and I found it difficult to leave him when we stood outside my room and talked. In the end I shook his hand and said goodnight. He held my hand in his for a long time and looked at me. He had a peculiar look in his eyes, and put his arm around my neck and kissed me long and wildly, as I’ve never been kissed before. I got so scared, broke loose and ran into my room without saying a word. There I sat, being strangely shocked. I was scared of him, but at the same time I wanted him. In the end I went to bed, but without being able to sleep.

After having lied there for a while, I heard voices in the hallway. I recognised the receptionist when he said: ‘Here is one that should fit the gentlefolk.’. Then he directed a man and woman into the larger room.

Through the thin wall I heard…

Page 3

…their voices clearly.

They seemed to have a lot of fun and soon the sounds confirmed it. As I couldn’t possibly sleep laying there listening to them, I went out into the hallway, wearing only a sheet. Through the door, I could hear every word of their conversation. He was reading a long poem, and every word made me blush all over my body. I heard them kiss each other, and then I thought of the key hole. Through this I saw something that awoke my naughtiness.

He was completely naked and on him sat a delightful girl with her arms around his neck. He was about my age and naked, except for his socks. He kissed her and bent over to the taste her breast.

She put her hands between his legs and I’m sure you understand what she was using them for. I could not see it, as she had her…