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This is the Kallbådan lighthouse outside of Porkkala (on a map). It was finished in 1920 and was the last lighthouse in Finland that was built to be manned. Building it was very difficult and took years. From 1920 to 1944 several lighthouse attendants with their families lived on this small rock. Life was simple and rough. Maintaining the lighthouse and operating it was completely manual and required the full-time effort of several individuals.

In the picture on the right, you can see the new automated light that was built in 2015. Building it took a couple of weeks. A lot of man-hours has gone into building the technologies that run it. Those technologies have been used for thousands of applications. …

There’s been a lot of discussion about ‘unicorns’ lately, or startups achieving valuations above $1bn. Whether or not you agree that unicorns exist and whether or not you think it is a category in itself, they are fascinating. As VC’s, we need to be experts at identifying unicorns. It has been proven that unicorn investments are the ones that make or break VC fund returns.

Tod Francis from Shasta Ventures just published a great post about what B2C unicorns have looked like at the A-stage in “What did Billion Dollar Companies Look Like at the Series A.

Developers have the advantage of being able to automate their tasks. I think it’s a pretty good rule to never do anything twice. If you are doing something for the second time and it’s probable that you’ll have to do it again — just automate it. This is common sense for developers. But I don’t think many others accomplish this at all.

Google Sheets and Apps Script is a very easy and fast way to automate tasks. We all work in spreadsheets all the time anyways — so it really makes sense to learn some quick Apps code in order to automate stuff. …

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