But First a Little About Me

I know everyone has a story and they want to tell it. So here is the life of well…ME!

Im 21 years old I have a 2 month old daughter her name is Saylor Kennedy! I am engaged to a man named William Eugene (27) and he is the love of my life, William is Saylor’s father.


I have 6 siblings; Erik Hunter (23) he is married to Beth (21), Me, Ryan Allen (18), Cole Jacob(18), Daniel Shane (8), Kyle Edward (7).

My mother is Sarah Kelly AKA my mother and best friend, she is my mother along with Ryan's! Abba…oh Abba what can I say, shes my grandmother and she is exactly 50 years older than I am.

My father is Jeremy Shane and he is married to my step mother Carla Gail she is the mother of Cole, Daniel and Kyle. I guess you could say my father got around quiet a bit lol, he has 6 kids and 3 different mothers.


I don’t have many friends but there is one person who has been there almost my whole life…Elaine Marie (20) shes been beside me through almost everything, and I cant thank he enough.

My Life

I work a full time job at night (which I love).

I live with my mother, grandmother, brother (Ryan) his best friend Uzziah and my daughter!

My fiance is in jail at the moment for some bad things (will talk more about that in another blog).

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