Microsoft doesn’t care about creative people.

I can’t listen to The Daily, I listen to a lot of podcasts and kinda feel better about myself when I do listen to it. Living in Tahoe, CA we are pretty removed from the world and coming from New Zealand having a world view of the news seems important to me, so I look to someone I can trust and it’s not their fault, they do a good job of keeping me in the loop, it’s just too much right now so I’m sticking my head in the sand at least while I finish this project. I’m doing the color and graphics on a full length documentary, my first piece 90 minutes long. It’s tearing at me so I need something lighter.

With my morning routine of the daily broken I start Monday morning picking up where I was on Hypercritical, ep 35 from Sept 23, 2011 as I move through the entire back catalogue. John Siracusa and Dan Benjamin are deep in discussing the upcoming release of windows 8 still named “Metro” at this point. This is pretty deep nerd but it was a rabbit hole of podcasts somehow leading here. In a current ATP Siracusa jokes about always being on the right side of history when asked what he’s got wrong and he’s kinda right, he didn’t really reach for grand predictions but based on history outlined a view and a path which were more often than not right.

I remember being interested in Windows 8 but never really used it. When it came out I had a Mac and worked in design, so “in theory I should be on a Mac”, my design school was taught on Mac, people I worked with were on Mac’s, everyone “cool” was, But today maybe that’s changed, a friend had a surface while staying with me a week ago, I really like the look of what I’ve seen of the surface studio, the new MacBook Pro has issues and my work is primarily Adobe CC which is fine, but not optimized for a Mac like Final Cut so something is going on there. I scrub my mind and honestly could not imagine the current windows desktop. So I type windows into the top bar of safari on phone and this is where it all goes wrong.

The web page starts with an ad for a specific computer Mattebook something? I’m here for the operating system, I scroll past. Near the top is a “find the OS for you” button, something like that, I quickly think theres only one windows but sure I want an OS that’s literally what I’m shopping for so maybe there is multiple windows since I last looked. The first question is about what computer I want, maybe the question was about computers not OS, whatever it was let’s take the rabbit hole and see where Wonderland is for Microsoft, surely the dream computer has the right OS so I’ll get there this way. The first question pains me, something about primary use, work, emails, something else, creativity. All, literally of them all the time I want an OS, I pick creativity as thats my guess what they think I would say, Creative Cloud is creative right? The next question is maybe key features, Windows hello, touch, touch, again all of them, if we’re talking about computers I want something that just works. Maybe there was four questions the last is portability.

The Mac I referenced having when windows 8 came out is still my laptop, the pre unibody silver keys MacBook Pro, no battery, dent from a city crushing earthquake it was in, screws missing, upgraded to max Ram, upgraded SSD, I don’t understand how this thing works but I very rarely use it anymore although that might change very soon. My everyday is on a MacPro trash can but my driveway has a #vanlife promaster I’m working on with my wife. I figure I’ll probably go back to more “design” when we hit the road this winter for an extended period. Website work just seems like its smarter than being deep in video but I’ll still edit video and photo almost everyday and probably on a workhorse rather than my phone. Warp stabilizer is pretty key in my video workflow but VSCO from my Sony A7R covers a lot of my quick turn around photo needs so I could probably do more on a phone if push comes to shove, aka a van which is about to happen but am I ready to go full phone?

I hit portable and instantly windows has given me a product a surface something, I see something I know is wrong. $799. The net is on fire with the new MacBook Pro is over six thousand dollars and Apple are pushing external GPU on top of that. Even with the ten thousand price tag and beast that the iMac Pro decked out is I am waiting on the upcoming Mac Pro. Those are the computers Apple seriously wants me to think about and I do. My iPhone X is a thousand dollars and it’s worth it to me. How does Microsoft think they can tempt me with $799. It takes me walking my dog and an hour of contemplation to see it. Microsoft does not respect me, at all, I hit creative on the first screen, to both me and Apple that means feature length movies shot on RED cinema cameras. Apple sell a RED package they seriously want me doing this and with a lot of money I can make something amazing. I will, with them it’s why I had got up this morning to work on a full length documentary shot on RED even if it’s damm hard work.

What the hell does Microsoft think I will do with something I guarantee my phone can out bench mark as my main computer, in fact I’ll test it right now.

Microsoft Corporation Surface Pro.

*I think this is what I was shown but it seems to be the most powerful surface so lets try that.*

Single-Core Score-4058

Multi-Core Score-8088

iPhone X

Single-Core Score-4183

Multi-Core Score-10121

Now I don’t take too much from geek bench it’s a starting point at most but I was hoping in the eight years since Siracusa was skeptical for something good from windows 8 which I think flopped pretty hard in every respect that Microsoft might have though this through, I openly looked for an OS and they tried to sell me hardware thats no where close to my reality, it’s sure good for my wallet but I said creative to you, I don’t have the same lockup about money as I do about creativity. I guarantee from that one spec it’s not designed for my current film project. I think at this point I’ve seen one screen shot of the desktop it feels familiar from my cousins computer so I answered that but they had a chance to win me with it and maybe it is a good OS for my needs but Microsoft looked me right in the eye and said we don’t understand “creative”. Probably why it was at the bottom of that first list. I was hoping to find an OS to think about.

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