I find it funny you put the words “special snowflake” in quotes.
Lani Pierre

Thanks for your input. It’s been interesting reading all the different responses I’ve been getting on this.

By your response, it seems you missed that I am a millennial myself. The exact same age as Talia, actually. And believe me, I can appreciate when someone believes in themselves and knows they are special in their own right. But I do think there is a fine line between having self esteem and being downright delusional. At some point, we will have to move on from the exaggerated “You can do anything you want!” motto that we were taught as children, to “You can do anything you WORK HARD for.”

The reason why her post struck a nerve with me is because she was sitting at her computer, pointing her finger at the world, and refusing to do HER part in making her own life better (i.e. compromising, which she wasn’t willing to do). And then she asked people to give her money, not a job. Again, asking someone else to make her life easier without having to actually DO anything herself. But, she can do anything she wants! Because that’s the motto she lives by.

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