Midterm Assignment: Anna of the North

I have decided to evaluate the online presence of Anna of the North. I heard Anna from a Chainsmokers remix of one of her songs called Sway. She was also featured on a top single of Tyler the Creator called “Boredom”. She most recently released her debut album “Lovers” in early September and it is starting to gain popularity. Even though she has one album, I think she has established herself in the industry. She runs a Twitter and Facebook account for her main connection with fans, and there is a link on these pages that direct you to a separate shop site. You can also shop on the Facebook page.The twitter account activity is fairly active day to day. I have noticed that she posts a lot of photos and retweets. The 5,500 followers is a lot lower than I expected but I think she can increase her following by reaching out to fans and being more active personally. The reply tweets to fans are short and mostly thanking fans for coming out. Even with a smaller amount of followers she should do giveaways of promotions. She has a weird creative side in all of her photos so she can definitely create a buzz with her artist persona if the music doesn’t lure attention.The website is simply laid out. I appreciate the play icon in the bottom corner that brings up her most recent video in a flash. There are over 23,000 followers on Facebook but less engagement in the comment section of posts. Overall Anna is in the blossoming stage of her career. She may want to consider more fan engagement in the near future once her month old album catches on. Personally as a fan, the posts about the interviews are most effective for me to engage so I think she should do something like a fan Q and A to start the ball rolling.