So what, exactly, is the punchline here?

I think the punchline is that what is being marketed as a glamorous improved lifestyle is actually turning out to be a way of life that requires more work at lower pay with greater risk and less stability.

Being a chauffeur used to be a stable, respectable lower middle class job. Now, an Uber driver doing the same work, will have to bear the expense of their own vehicle and work 50–60 hours per week, and still not be able to afford to live in the cities they work in.

You might say, well it’s designed to be part time work. But it’s really not. The company’s compensation and bonus plans are highly skewed toward full time drivers, and the vast majority of trips are given by them.

A huge amount of value and wealth is being generated by these gig/app companies, but the benefits are going mainly to investors and customers. The workers in the gig economy are forced to do more work for less pay because they have fewer options to survive.