LA 482: Advanced Landscape Construction

Proposed SD Concept

This final construction class focuses on creating an additional parking lot for the Stephen auditorium known as Parking Lot B1. We are tasked with creating an entire construction document set for this new development. We started the semester creating a Schematic Design concept and then have refining it ever since in AutoCAD. I have really enjoyed this class as it has mimicked the design process in the professional world. It has also helped me polish my drafting skills as I enter my new job this summer.

Section of Jack Trice Monument

I have proposed an entrance monument to this complex as well as a sign for Lincoln Way as they enter the start of campus. I have chosen to use Corten for this monument as it will mimic the jack trice symbol used by our football team. I think this symbol is significant not only for our school but for out athletics department in general.

Layout reference plan

In the picture above, I have drafted my design layout in CAD and have begun to make reference pages for my zoom ins of each area. We had to provide one hundred new parking stalls with an additional sixteen handicap stalls. On top of this we needed to accommodate stormwater and circulation as well as maintain the aesthetic for the drivers entering Iowa States Campus. I wanted to build my design around the existing parking lots as well as save as many trees as possible. This allowed me to have a lot of tree cover to hide the parking lot and I also incorporated a stormwater catch basin in the median between the two parking lots. I am pleased with the way my design turned out and I think it would be a nice addition to this part of campus.



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Riley Dockendorff

Riley Dockendorff

An ambitious and outgoing individual, who is looking to obtain an entry-level position that exposes me to the process of landscape design.