YouTube partners with Mr. Plow and the state of Video Advertising!

I recently came across this commercial for YouTube’s ad product. It’s a clever commercial that hits me right in the nostalgic part of my heart. Plus, they did a great job of using the Simpsons to explain how you can target local people with a clever joke about Springfield’s actual location. A nice touch for all the early 90’s (seasons 1–9 mostly) Simpsons fans.

Basically, the whole commercial is just clips from the Simpsons with a few shots of Lisa creating the Mr. Plow ad on youTube. Someone at Google probably spent a few hours putting this together and it really hit me! I don’t own a small business that needs this product, but I am sitting here writing about it, giving them even more possible reach!

TV Commercials are DEAD!

It’s great they’re showing small businesses that they can create useful video commercials which don’t have $5k minimums like TV. Plus these can be easily tracked from the comfort of their own home. What small business wants to use TV commercials? The answer is not one! You ask them how many eye balls will actually see it and they have no way to really give you a straight answer. They offer you some outdated statistics and you just have to hope that people are actually looking at the television when the commercial is on. That industry is dying faster than a buffalo during the great depression.

Sorry Big Advertisers That Think TV’s Are Still Relevant

TV commercials are priced like they are the main attraction still. People would buy TV commercials to sell their product, and online mediums like banner ads and pre-roll video were used as brand builders. But now, this is completely flipped. However, the prices of these mediums have not changed. Banner ads have dropped in price a bit, but TV still thinks it sells products. Sorry guys, everyone fast forwards through you and little kids that used to blindly stair at screens aren’t even watching you anymore. The only chance you stand to be relevant is if you air your commercial during the Superbowl and it has some sort of link to social media. Other than that, your commercials are DEAD!

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